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For years Sadler Clinic has treated its physicians with little regard and looked at its patients as nothing more than checkbooks. This site is meant to inform potential employees of what is really going on at Sadler Clinic and let patients know what they can respect, if they choose to take their families to Sadler Clinic.

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Sadler Clinic fires, without cause, three long-standing physicians with immaculate records and references.

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Sadler Clinic thinks of its patients as "customers" not patients. They are numbers who are to be billed to the highest degree and offered services they may not need. One 36 year-old woman with a slight concern about one wrinkle on her nose (as a result of allergies) was urged to get an expensive series of chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

In short, if you are thinking of joining Sadler Clinic -- as a patient or as a physician (or other healthcare professional), think twice. Ask around town. Find out what people in The Woodlands and Conroe know about Sadler Clinic. You will be shocked at what you hear. Stay tuned for more...

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